Understanding The Australian Immigrant Points Test System

Many people would like to work in a hotter climate, and Australia remains a popular destination to do this. Although visas are required for things such as working holidays in Australia, a different kind of system is in place to help the Australian authorities determine who will contribute to the country's overall economy. People wishing to work and stay in the country must take a points test. This article helps to explain the process and different aspects of the test, such as the pooling system and the flexibility of the system.

The Pass Mark

It is important to understand that the whole point system is flexible and can be changed according to the country's needs. The Australian Government has the power to lower or raise the pass mark of the points test in response to economic conditions. For example, when suffering from a lack of skilled architects, the overall pass mark for architects can then be reduced, allowing more applicants to meet the pass mark. Conversely, the pass mark can be raised should there be a glut of any one profession. This allows the country to maintain a balance regarding the amount of immigrants coming to the country with the available jobs on the market.

The Process

People interested in working and living in Australia can indicate this interest through an online application. They must give some information about themselves with the application, such as

  • Their basic personal details
  • Their experience
  • Their level of skill and level of English language skills
  • Their education
  • Their desired work in Australia

If the application is successful, the candidate will be invited to submit the appropriate visa applications, and the process will be initiated. During this process, the candidate must apply for a series of visas as they take and pass the tests. Lastly, upon invitation of employment, the candidate will apply for a final visa.

The Pooling System

There is a type of safety system for candidates who fail to pass the points test; it is called the pooling system. The names of the candidates who only failed the test are held with others in a pool of names. Should the pass mark be lowered, these names can be reconsidered. The names are put in the pooling system for a specified time before being rejected.

At all times, the candidate is guided by the Australian authorities – usually using the internet - through the sometimes complex process of applying to work and live in Australia as an immigrant.

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