Why you need a family lawyer during adoption

Many couples have problems conceiving children of their own and choose to adopt. Other people choose to adopt simply to give a better home to someone in need. Regardless of the reason for adoption, it is still a legal process and it is advisable to work closely with a family lawyer to ensure that the whole process goes smoothly.

What is a legal adoption?

As long as the birth parents still have their parental rights, the adoption can only be legal when both of them consent to the transfer of the custody of the child to you. Sometimes, the government can revoke the parental rights of the birth parents therefore placing the child up for adoption.

There are requirements that you should meet before you can have full custody of the child. You need to be able to provide a suitable environment for the social, educational and health development of the child. Many couples adopt together but single parents can also adopt as long as they meet the requirements for the best interests of the child. The attorney has to draft and file legal documents that indicate the child as a member of the new family.

Investigation of adoptive parents

The family lawyer will advise you as the adoptive parents on all the criteria you need to meet in order to have a better chance of being granted custody of the child. This investigation is mandatory in all states. A licensed social worker will visit and interview the adoptive parents to see if they meet the following criteria: marital stability, financial stability, career obligations, state of health, criminal history and even the other children.

During the court process

All adoptions have to be approved by the court of law. The attorney will help the parents to file a request for approval or an adoption petition in court. The adoption petition is discussed during an adoption hearing where the lawyer will represent the adoptive parents. They prepare and present a case in favor of the adoptive parents.

Why you should hire a lawyer

You need to hire a good family lawyer to hold your hand through the entire adoption process. Adoption can be a very stressful and emotionally harrowing process. You need to work with someone who can keep their calm and handle the legal matters decisively and in an informed manner. Lawyers also have all the resources to help you prepare the adoption plan documents and any post-placement arrangements.

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