Why You Should Always Hire a Solicitor When Buying or Selling Property

For most people, the sale or purchase of property will be the biggest transaction they ever handle. This is because property costs thousands of dollars s a lot is usually at stake when buying or selling a home or building. That is why you should always get the very best representation during conveyancing. For most people, the decision to go with either a solicitor or a conveyancer is usually a big one. This article shows you why you should always choose the solicitor.

Can Offer Actionable Legal Advice

Legally speaking, solicitors can offer you actionable legal advice while conveyancers and estate agents cannot. This is because they have the legal understanding and authority to advice you on how to proceed with a sale or purchase under different situations. Remember that real estate solicitors understand the full threshold of the law. This is unlike conveyancers who are not legal representatives to begin with. A solicitor will therefore be a in a position to warn you about the decisions you're making and advise you accordingly during a sale or buy.

Have a Broader Understanding of the Law

Real estate solicitors are fully-fledged solicitors in their own right. They have studied the law in general and honed their skills on matters real estate. Conveyancers, on the other hand, have only studied the conveyancing process alone. They therefore have a limited scope of the process. Thanks to their legal background, solicitors can comb through property laws and better inform you on matters concerning your contract, section 32 documents, legal by-laws and other legal information pertinent to your case.

Can Take Matters to Court in Case of a Dispute

Should your conveyancing process get complicated in any way, you will have to seek a solicitor (like those at Woodgate Lawyers), even if you have already hired a conveyancer. A solicitor has the legal mandate to file papers in court and initiate a litigation process. A conveyancer cannot do the same. While only few conveyancing cases may encounter such rocky paths, it's better to deal with the professional who has the ability to go the full stretch. It would be quite daunting to have to switch professionals mid-way should your conveyancing process encounter problems.

Considering your property sale or purchase is a big decision, it follows that you should get the very person for the job. While most people may feel that they are paying more for a solicitor, remember that the better option always costs more. Besides, due diligence warrants that paying solicitor fees is just a small cost for a transaction that may cost you so much more should anything go wrong.