Finding legal services for your cafe startup

Starting up a new business such as a cafe is an exciting start for a small business owner. Obtaining legal advice before you open up is a sensible start to make sure that your business is protected against legal risks. Here are a few documents you should ensure are legally reviewed before you open the doors.

Shareholders agreement or partnership documents

If you are starting your business in partnership with one or more parties, it is sensible to describe the boundaries in a partnership document. This lays out how much finance was injected by each party and the process for making decisions to do with the operations of the business, including obtaining lines of credit and entering into new supply agreements. You should all obtain independent legal advice on the partnership agreement to ensure you are comfortable with your rights and responsibilities as described in the document.

Employment contracts

If you are employing staff, then each offer of employment should be documented on an offer and contract of employment. While all of your employees are covered under the basic protections of the Fair Work Act, the hours and rates of employment, as well any period of probation, should also be laid out in an agreement. This can help ensure that your employee understands the expectations you have of them and the benefits they can expect, such as penalties for working over time or weekend shifts. A legal review can ensure that the contract you are offering is legally binding and covers you for any reasonable circumstances.

Supply contracts

If you are entering into an ongoing supply contract with a local supplier, whose supplies have the ability to affect your ongoing ability to serve your customers, then you should set out the terms of your agreement in a supply contract. While this can't prevent every issue that could arise, it can ensure that the supplier has to give you notice before hiking prices or that you have some redress if they cannot supply you the quantities of goods that you require for your business. While some goods may be interchangeable (such as the cookies you get from your supplier), other goods may be intrinsic to your business, such as specialised coffee beans with a cult following.

Congratulations with starting your cafe. Finding a legal services firms like CLP Legal that can support you should ensure that you are cranking out cups of coffees for grateful customers years to come!