3 Things to Consider Before You Choose a Personal Injury Solicitor

It is vital during any accident compensation claim to have the right personal injury solicitor in mind. There are so many people claiming to be the best in this area, but how could you possibly know which solicitor best suits your needs? Here are three questions to ask your personal injury solicitor.

Is the Solicitor Qualified to Handle Personal Injury Claims?

While this might sound like a silly question, don't forget that most solicitors choose to specialise in different areas of the law. You want to make sure that the solicitor you chose specialises in accident injury claims before you appoint them. Remember that when you appoint a solicitor that doesn't specialise in this area you run the risk of them not being able to know the current trends in law, which ultimately could cost you money as you lose the case.

Not only that, but personal injury law is highly specialised and requires various medical terminology skills. This is yet another reason why you should never hire a solicitor that does not have prior experience in the personal injury area of the law.

Is The Solicitor Taking Charges From You Specifically?

When you have decided to appoint a solicitor you will be required to sign a Conditional Fee Agreement. Before signing this document, read it thoroughly and make sure that the personal injury solicitor will claim all fees and expenses from the opponent and not from the compensation that you receive.

If you notice a clause according to which the expenses will be taken from your account, discuss this with your solicitor and make sure to come to an agreement before proceeding further. If the solicitor refuses to edit the clause, simply remind them of the Access to Justice Acts which suggests that they claim their expenses from the other party.

What About Out of Pocket Expenses?

Some solicitors will include a clause in the Conditional Fee Agreement which says that you're going to be responsible for any out of pocket expenses. These may include the overtime incurred by the staff of the solicitor, telephone charges, medical treatment that you receive at the request of the solicitor, etc.

Remember that a personal injury solicitor should always be responsible for these costs. The reason for that is because they usually get their money back from the opponent after winning the case. When settling on a compensation amount with your solicitor, keep in mind that most courts will allow only 'reasonable' compensation amounts depending on the type and severity of your claim. These costs will also only be awarded to you if you win the case.