What type of situations you might want to hire a business lawyer to handle for your small business

Being a small business owner, being concerned about money is common. Cutting back costs is usually a good idea in many of the areas regarding the company. Legal advice is one of those areas where you can cut back on spending too much money, for example, by only hiring a lawyer when it's necessary. It can, however, be difficult to know what type of situations require business lawyers, and which situations you can handle yourself.

Liability issues

A good rule to follow when asking yourself when you need the help of a lawyer is that if you're facing liability issues, you probably need one. If the issues are internal, like if former or current employees press charges on the company, a lawyer won't just provide the legal knowledge to solve the case but will also function as an objective element. Solving legal issues regarding employees who feel mistreated by yourself can further elevate the feelings of hostility. If you have issues with the government or other authorities, they will probably require for you to have a licensed lawyer. This also includes if your business isn't being prosecuted, but merely investigated by authorities.

When a lot of money is involved

Another thing that might indicate if you need a business lawyer or not is when you have issues regarding large sums of money, like if you're facing large fines, or if you're looking to expand or sell the company. Most issues regarding financial business are possible to handle on your own, but when faced with large sums of money, the fee for the lawyer isn't that much in comparison with how much you might have to pay or be paid. If you're facing large charges for any environmental violations, it could even be a good idea to get an environmental lawyer that specialises in business. The main point of doing this is that the lawyer can negotiate your conditions and get you reductions or more favourable deals. The extent to which you can do it on your own might be limited to just possessing the knowledge on how to pay.

Getting consultation

All issues listed above are quite serious and some you want to avoid at any cost. Preventing these types of big events doesn't necessarily require the full time assistance of a business lawyer, but consulting one might be a good idea to work out the legal framework of your business. Consultation also costs money, but not as much as it would cost to get a lawyer to do all the work for you. 

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