When Is It Time to Throw in the Towel and Call a Divorce Lawyer?

Rarely does a married couple decide on a divorce the first time they have an argument, and rightly so. Marriages go through rough days or rough patches but can work out in the long run, for a lasting and happy relationship. However, not all marriages are like that and in some cases, it can actually be healthier for spouses if they were to separate and divorce. While no one can tell you the right thing to do in your marriage, note a few things to consider when it comes to realizing it's time to call a divorce lawyer.

When addictions are not being addressed

A spouse with an alcohol or drug dependency may be working hard to control that addiction, but this isn't always true; some addicts may simply indulge their addictions and, in turn, ruin a couple's finances or engage in abusive behavior. If your spouse has an addiction they're not seeking help for, and you find that you're being hurt, either physically, mentally, or financially, it may be time to call a divorce lawyer and find out what steps you should take to get out of the situation.

 When financial issues cannot be resolved

One spouse may do nothing but spend and spend, with little regard to a couple's budget or responsibilities. A spouse may also refuse to work and help with the family finances, even though one income may not be enough to support the family. When serious financial issues cannot be resolved, it's advisable to call a divorce lawyer for guidance in how you can protect yourself financially and ensure your debts and credit do not get worse during and after the divorce.

Lack of commitment

A spouse doesn't need to be unfaithful to lack commitment in a relationship; he or she may spend an inordinate amount of time on their own hobbies or with friends and family, without including their spouse or considering their spouse's wishes. They may be outright unwilling to work on certain issues or come to any agreement about things like finances, child raising, and the like. For advice on divorce proceedings involving children, talk to a family lawyer like those at Alexanders Lawyers.

You realize you married for the wrong reasons

If you got married to get out of your parents' home, for money, because of a pregnancy, or any reason other than love and commitment, you may see that your marriage is unfulfilling and unlikely to change. Hiring a divorce lawyer can help you dissolve the marriage civilly so you and your spouse can pursue other relationships or a life that is simply happier for both of you.