3 Things to Know About No-Win, No-Fee in Compensation Cases

If you have a compensation case due to injury on the job or in your personal life, you may have limited funds. One of the ways to get around this, and still get proper legal representation, is to go with compensation lawyers that offer a no-win, no-fee option. Before you go this route, there are a few key things that you need to know about how this no-win, no-fee program works. Here are three of those key factors to keep in mind.

Disbursement Coverage

One of the first things you need to know about no-win, no-fee compensation lawyers refers to the fees associated with the case. In many situations, the lawyer you choose will offer a no-win, no-fee that covers all of the fees associated to prepare and run the case. These fees which cover court costs, filing of proper documents, and other related fees to running the case are also called disbursements. When you discuss the no-win, no-fee option with your lawyer, make sure to ask if all disbursement fees are covered. There may be some cases where most of the fees are covered, but some will be left to you.

Insurance Coverage

One of the biggest questions that people have when they seek out a no-win no claim compensation lawyer is how the lawyer will be paid if the case is lost. What will happen, during the first actual meeting after a consultation, is a discussion of insurance. The lawyer will take out a form of legal insurance on the client. This insurance covers the lawyers fees if there is a loss. This means that the client does not pay since the lawyers fees are covered. If the client does win the case, then the lawyers will take their fees out of the winning amount and the rest will be sent to the client.

Success Fees

A key point you need to know before hiring a no-win, no-fee compensation lawyer is what a success fee is and how it works. When you visit the compensation lawyers, you will have a consultation first. During this consultation, a success fee will be discussed. This is a percentage of the winning amount of money that the lawyers will be paid. For example, a lawyer may state that if the case is successful, they will receive 20% of the winning amount. This may be paid in a lump sum or over time, depending on how the court decides to have the amount paid to you as the  client.

Most compensation lawyers will have a no-win, no-fee clause in their client contracts. This will explain most of the answers to the questions you have about what happens if you win the case and how much you receive or when you will receive it. If you have further questions, consider a consultation with a compensation lawyer — like those at Bell Lawyers — to discuss the different options available to you and the answers to your specific questions and case.