What is the conveyancing process?

When you buy a house in Australia, you will need to go through a process called conveyancing. This term is used for the process of transferring ownership of the land's or property's title after the offer and purchase have been made. There are different stages of conveyancing, including what is done before the contract is signed, before completing the purchase, and after completing the purchase. Here is more information about the process.

Collaborative Divorce: Is It Worth It?

Collaborative divorce is increasingly becoming a viable option for a large number of divorcees. Under this type of divorce, the intervention of a mediator (usually a family lawyer) is sought by both spouses. The mediator facilitates communication and negotiations between spouses, thus enabling them to reach an amicable divorce agreement. Collaborative divorce is preferred over the traditional courtroom divorce for a number of reasons. Here is why prospective divorcees should give collaborative divorce a second thought.

Second Degree Murder Defences

If you are charged with second degree murder, there are several defences that your lawyer can use to fight the charges. The defence strategy used by your lawyer is dependent on the facts of the case and laws of that particular jurisdiction. Here are some of the main defences that your lawyers will advise you to use for second degree murder charges. Actual Innocence The defence that your lawyer will most likely ask you to use is that you did not commit the crime.

What type of situations you might want to hire a business lawyer to handle for your small business

Being a small business owner, being concerned about money is common. Cutting back costs is usually a good idea in many of the areas regarding the company. Legal advice is one of those areas where you can cut back on spending too much money, for example, by only hiring a lawyer when it's necessary. It can, however, be difficult to know what type of situations require business lawyers, and which situations you can handle yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions About De Facto Relationships

If you aren't married, but you are in a committed relationship and want your status changed, you may be able to do so by hiring a family lawyer who can help you obtain official designation as a de facto couple under The Family Law Act of 1975 . As you enter this process, here are the answers to some commonly asked questions about these types of relationships. What Will You Have To Do To Confirm Status With a  Judge?